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After observing various problems, we the people decided to setup a voluntary organization that will be advocate for the protection of human rights issues. Mohammadia Educational and Welfare Society (MEWS) was established in 2010-11 and initiated its work with focus to serve the marginalized & deprive section through various interventions at different level in coordination with public, private & community based agencies. We have undertaken man Appreciable works in the education, safe drinking water and sanitation, primary health care, environment etc. we always involve in local people in planning design, implementation and evaluation, we always involve in Local people , minorities dalit, women should get the entitlements of socio –economic, Political and cultural rights. The organizations Mohammadia Educational & Welfare society By meetings of youths ,landless, intellectuals ,farmers migrants for solving the problems of Rural poor , farmers and landless person, form the very inception we stressed on development of women and child in terms of educations, health ,employment training rights mode etc. Firstly we indentified the rural youths and volunteers for mobilization the rural people and Women in the active participation of rural development process.
The organization is a non – profit making registered voluntary organization working for the cause of downtrodden and suppressed people. It is registered under society Registration Act.XXI, 1860.
We have undertaken various development interventions in the areas drinking water, low cost toilets, excavation of ahars, pains, environment education, small family normal and spacing Methods. Adult education center, Family counseling center in Bihar State.
Presently thousands of people are associated with our mission and take part in decision making process during planning process, design and monitoring and evolution for greater transparency and smooth implementation of the project.
Our approach of field operation is participatory mechanism, we stress on the principal of self help action.
The active involvement of board members as well as general members in the implementation of the programs has further contributed to the development of the organization, however Inability to fully mobilize the potential of many other members has been seen as a weakness of the organizations has been in the field of education through its several educations Programme/activities since, the society believers strongly that it is through education the details and other weaker selections can come to grips with their own rights and claim it Legitimately.
We have been successfully in our efforts to make the people aware of their rights.

Our Missions

Our mission statement is “Transformation Development of the People through participatory practices on sustained basis” We Focus on women and child. At Present our organization is undertaking various activities under following components. Women’s and child development Programme, sustainable rural Development programme, campaign on child labour, street Children, Environment Panchayat Raj, Women and child rights, help & shelter victim’s women’s campaign again women feticides, Vocational training programme etc.

We are rising found through local contribution and member’s Support to give pace of development. In this connection Several National and international donors are providing supporting. We need much financial support for other operations. We are communication with various donors too.

Our officials, members and grass root level volunteers are working very hard to give a new shape of the project area on all fronts- socio-economic and other social parameters. Our grass root workers and animators are reaching on the door steps of under privileged and unnerved people for working with MOHAMMADIA EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE SOCIECTY Thousand of People are supporting our views, and vision and mission, we take a pledge to serve the common masks.

Make resilient and more preparedness towards Agriculture, Education, Health and desertification for protection, and conservation of biological diversity for a safe, secured and healthy environment and development diversity.

Objective of the organization

Aims of the organization

Our aim is that the people become aware of their own identity and thus

Those they can fight for their rights. We are committed of the empowerment of the Dalits and other weaker sections. We give special emphasis on the development of Women as leaders since we believe that it is the women who carry the ethos of any Society, illiteracy has made the people slaves in their attitudes and behaviors.

Do all necessary ACT/ ACTS for the Rehabilitation, Welfare DVELOPMENT of Human and WOLRLD CLASSD OF LIVING CREATURES. To do all necessary organizational, planning and execution of Project related to:- Human Resources Development, health & family welfare, Rural Development, Agriculture & Allied Sector development Consumer welfare, Cultural development, Environment & Earth Science Conservation and development, food processing secretor development, House & Urban development, Labor and employment generation & development, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises development & awareness, minority affairs & development, New and Renewable energy development, Nation & International Peace & Harmony, Anti-terrorism work under socio-economic methods, Panchayati Raj development, & Network development, & science & Technology development, Social justice & empowerment, Minority welfare and development, Tribal welfare and development, Women and child issues, Tourism development, Urban development, youth affairs & sports development, Resource development, Management and all national relevant issues which will arise by that time. To carry out all the activities for the part of CONSTITUTION of INDIA resulted into peace & prosperity of humanity, Equality of opportunity, prohibition of discrimination on ground of religion, Race, Caste, Sex or place of birth, Abolition of untouchability Right to freedom, Right against exploitation, Right to freedom of Religions, Cultural & Education Right to the minorities to establish and administer education institutions, organization of agriculture & Animal husbandry system

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