Organization beliefs are completely focused to social welfare and development activities. Some of the beliefs are as follows:

Conceptual Background preparation on Rural Development, HIV/AIDS Awareness and intervention, Human Resource Development, SCs & STs development , Promotion Disaster Management, youth Affair, Cultural Development, Human Rights, Pace & Co-operation, Self Help Group (SHG) Formation and training Management, Survey, Identification; analysis assessment and Database Management system installation, Information research and information dissemination.


Through micro linkages is the care area of Mohammadia Educational and Welfare to accelerate economic empowerment strengthening people’s entrepreneurship development for women self-help institutions, leveraging mainstream resources is another key initiative of MEDHA.through capacity building and Integration of community initiatives with PRIs – from designing process to implementation, strengthening community-based conflict resolution process related to NRM witch backward & forward linkage. besides, programme diversification for better resource management is another way out of Mohammadia Educational and Welfare for distressed migrants is other vulnerable groups residing in rural coastal and urban regions to enable multiple livelihood empowerments. We are raising fund through local contribution and member’s support to give pace of development. In this connection and international donors are providing support. We need much financial support for other operations. We are communicating with various donors too.


Mohammadia Educational and Welfare Proposed thematic areas. Mohammadia Educational and Welfare has worked on collaborating project with Government of Bihar, Government of India, Donor and supporting agencies and with institutes and organization of national repute. Project Coverage: Organization development and RBM, rehabilitation and reconstruction; natural resource management and livelihood promotion; education; gender; and diversity; water, sanitation, health, and nutrition; appropriate technology promotion, capacity building and development communication.


General Body: is the apex body to amend, change, after the mission vision. General body sits once in a year, this body approves the annual expenditure and programs, appoints, auditors, consultants and other matters relating to policy and strategy of the organization.

Governing body is the body which primarily thrice in a year to govern and approve the concurrent programs and budgets. If necessary in any emergency, Secretary is authorized to call op a meeting of the governing body in consultation with chairperson.

Chief executive: In concurrence with the organization by-laws and MoU, secretary holds the position of chief executive on behalf of the office bearers of the organization. Secretary is also the tame leader of the program executives.

Program Executives:-Program Executives are responsible for smooth functioning of field programs, timely service delivery, and program coordination and management. Besides to reach the target beneficiary, reaching reach outs with definite outcome.

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